When you are leading experts: get out of the way and empower your team to make decisions.
— Marcus Blankenship

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! Marcus Blankenship joins us on the show today. Marcus helps coders become solid leaders and build high-performing teams; he’s also the author of Habits that Ruin Your Technical Team. We’re going to talk about his new course, Software Leader Seminar, and his insights on how to be an effective Tech Leader.

Episode Highlights

00:36 Getting to know Marcus Blankenship, Rapid 5 Questions

02:35 Marcus' business journey (Tech Leadership Guy)

08:42 Pivoting to the right audience

11:23 Leadership skills that tech leaders should have

15:46 Overview of Software Leader Seminar, course objectives

21:21 Methodology of creating Software Leader Seminar

29:51 How to manage the learner's journey?

33:56 Upcoming updates for the course

38:20 Tips in creating learning programs

43:48 Exciting things coming up from Marcus, links and announcements

Like Bonuses?

Like bonuses? Marcus and I recorded a bonus segment where we went deeper into how to be an effective leader...and more.

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