Use customer feedback as your direction
— Brian Casel

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of Level Up Your Course! Really excited about today’s guest, Brian Casel. Brian is the founder of Productize and Scale and Audience Ops. He’s a master at productizing services.

In this episode, we chat about how to leverage the Productized Service model. He also guides us through his course, Productize and Scale, and how he’s built a thriving community. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights

00:25 Getting to know Brian Casel

03:24 Brian's journey from music production to freelancing

07:04 Rapid Five Questions

13:03 Brian's journey from freelancing to productizing

17:50 What is Productizing? Overview about Audio Ops

20:13 About Brian's Productize and Scale course

26:56 How Brian created the course curriculum

29:20 What is the end goal of Productize and Scale?

31:30 The learner journey, where do people get stuck in the course

35:00 More about Productize and Scale - lessons, modules and community

38:01 Brian's tips about productizing or creating a course

42:00 Awesome things coming up from Brian, links and announcements

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