The first thing I thought about if someone wants to learn from me is what do they want to get out of this?
— Anton Kraly, founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle

Episode Summary

Welcome everybody! Joining us today is Anton Kraly, the founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle. Anton helps people learn how to start a successful drop shipping business. Today, he’s here to share his eCommerce journey, the challenges he has faced starting out and how he has helped over 10,000 students to implement drop shipping profitably.

Episode Highlights

00:13 Getting to know Anton Kraly

00:55 Rapid 5 Questions

02:21 What is drop shipping? Benefit of drop shipping

03:58 Anton's e-commerce and drop shipping journey

07:47 Anton's motivation of creating Drop Ship Lifestyle

10:40 The 3 pricing packages of Drop Ship Lifestyle

12:42 Walkthrough about Drop Ship Lifestyle

15:41 Forums and creating engagement

19:20 How to design a drop shipping curriculum

21:04 Challenges in running a learning platform

22:35 Success stories of students doing the course

23:55 Overcoming the stage of being "stuck" in the business

27:31 Coming up: Exciting things to look forward to from Anton, links and announcements

Where to find Anton

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