I caution people not to plan too much, not to try to have everything perfectly nailed down.
— Travis Northcutt, co-founder of MemberUp

Episode Summary

Hey everyone! Today, I’m chatting with Travis Northcutt. Travis is a membership site consultant, co-founder of MemberUp and Member Score.

Community is very important in a membership site. In this episode, Travis shares practical steps on how to effectively build the community, how to reduce churn and increase membership engagement.

Episode Highlights

00:48 Getting to know Travis Northcutt, Rapid 5 Questions

03:05 How Travis' become a membership site consultant

04:07 Challenges that Travis' faced starting out

05:53 The story behind creating "Member Up"

07:48 Membership Sites vs. Courses

11:42 Challenges of having a membership site

13:41 Best ways in building community in a membership site

17:18 More about Member Up and Member Score

20:33 What is churning? How to reduce it?

25:16 Exciting things coming up from Travis

Where to find Travis

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