One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t take action, they don’t put up stuff out there.
— Michael Zipursky

Episode Summary

Hello everybody! I am with Michael Zipursky on the show today. Michael is the CEO of Consulting Success, where he helps consultants attract more clients, increase their fees, win more proposals and grow their business.

In this episode, he shares insightful advice and tips about the consulting business as well as how he turned his coaching into a successful group program. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

00:53 Getting to know Michael Zipursky

06:40 Rapid Five Questions

08:36 Michael's consulting/business journey

18:41 What were the challenges you experience first time?

19:49 The reason in creating Consulting Success System 2.0

21:16 Lessons and strategies that Michael learned in creating a self paced course

26:06 Details about Michael's coaching program for consultants

36:20 How did you get to that point to where the coaching program is now?

39:00 Improvements, updates and results of the coaching program

43:26 Michael's advice for people who want to transition into consulting

51:45 Tips for consultants struggling in generating leads

55:35 Exciting things coming up for Michael, links and announcements

Starting a Consulting Business? Check out Michael’s resources:


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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Michael for sharing his story with us! 

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