Don’t spend a year making something. Do a tiny product first.
— Amy Hoy

Episode Summary

This is it! The Zen Courses Show is now Level Up Your Course. For the very first episode of Level Up Your Course, I’m honored to have Amy Hoy as our guest.

Amy is a software developer, web designer, writer, co-founder of Stacking the Bricks (along with Alex Hillman), and a course creator. Whew! She is here today to share her story and everything about her online course ‘Sales Safari’.

Most importantly, we’re going to talk about the V word: validating your idea and why you should pre-sell your online course.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:29 Getting to know Amy Hoy

  • 03:26 Rapid 5 Questions

  • 07:13 Amy's journey as an entrepreneur

  • 11:44 Do's and don’ts whenever you have an idea in mind

  • 14:37 All about validation, Why validation is backwards?

  • 20:27 Pre-selling: Is it good or not?

  • 24:22 Amy's pre-selling process

  • 32:25 Is there an X-factor in this online business?

  • 34:08 Steps to do your first pre-sell

  • 40:28 About Sales Safari and how to find out what people want

  • 43:49 Concepts about events, marketing and launches

  • 47:21 Amy's tips for online entrepreneurs about pre-selling

  • 51:34 Coming up: Exciting things to look forward to from Amy, links and announcements

  • 54:50 What's your why? Why do you do this work?

Where to Find Amy

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Amy for sharing her story with us! 

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