We always tell people “start with the problem, start with the audience.”
— Ben and Marie

Episode Summary

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of The Zen Courses Show. I’m so excited to have Ben and Marie Borowski on the show today, they complement each other so well when talking about skill sets! Ben, being a software developer, is more on the technical side while Marie is into course design and marketing. I know you will love this episode!

Before collaborating with each other, Ben and Marie were doing their own things: Marie was working on her online course ‘Digital School Strategy’ and Ben was into software development. When Ben noticed Marie’s success, that’s when he started to focus on online courses. The story of a collaborative work began.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:36 Getting to know Ben and Marie

  • 02:53 Rapid 5 Questions

  • 04:29 How Ben and Marie started working collaboratively?

  • 06:35 Why did you focus your energy in creating online courses?

  • 07:47 Challenges and lessons learned when starting the online course

  • 14:20 Debunking the biggest myths about being an online course creator

  • 18:14 Course development process

  • 21:02 Strategies in growing your audience

  • 25:48 Knowing whether or not a course make sense for your business

  • 27:00 Tips in marketing online courses

  • 32:19 Coming up: Exciting things to look forward to from Ben and Marie, links and announcements

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