I guide people from the very beginning to printing to the fabric.
— Jen Hewett

Episode Summary

Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of the Zen Courses Show! Today, we are joined by the talented Jen Hewett. Jen is a self-taught printmaker, illustrator, and a teacher. In this episode, Jen and I talk about her online course “Design, Carve, Print”, her experience being an online course teacher and some tips for artists who want to follow her footsteps.

Jen’s journey is an interesting one. After “running her stationary business into the ground” in her twenties, she returned to corporate life--and thought she would stay there until retirement. But life had other plans. After the economy tanked, Jen took a screenprinting class that changed her life. Jen pursued her passion for art and eventually created “Design, Carve, Print,” which focuses around block printing on fabric and caters to not only artists but hobbyists as well.

Design, Carve, Print is a 6-week online class with a combination of videos and blog posts, starting from introduction to block printing, materials and tools used, to the practical things like how to draw the design, carving it and printing it on fabric.

Episode Highlights

  • Getting to know Jen Hewett

  • Rapid 5 Questions

  • Jen's journey in becoming a printmaker, textile artist and online class creator

  • Design, Carve, Print - Who is it for? What problem does it solve?

  • Teaching in Person vs. Teaching Online

  • Course Overview: Launching, Structure and Activities

  • Is there anything you would have changed when you started teaching it online?

  • Why do you think that skill level doesn't matter in the course?

  • Jen's tips for artists who want to start teaching online

  • Exciting things to look forward to from Jen, links and announcements

Where to Find Jen

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