I believe that artists are so valuable to the world; I will do everything I can to help them
— Alyson Stanfield

Episode Summary

Welcome to another episode of The Zen Courses Show! I am thrilled to have Alyson Stanfield joining us today. Alyson has been working with artists for many years. Today, she’s here to share a behind the scenes look at Art Biz Coach and her Art Career Success System (ACSS), which has helped many of her clients grow their careers. Alyson has a lot to share about building an art career, the challenges she faced in her business journey, and some tips as a coach working with artists.

A quick note from Alyson: Since this interview, Art Biz Coach has become Art Biz Success.


After teaching artists for a while, Alyson developed a framework called the Art Career Success System. ACSS is comprised of four programs:

  • The Creative Content Camp, which helps artists create their contents.

  • The Fan Boosting Formula, which teaches artists about cultivating relationships in your art career.

  • Art Biz Accelerator, which is about the places where you show and sell your art.

  • Lastly, we have the Magnetic You which is all about presentation, speaking and branding as an artist.

Listen to Learn

00:03 Episode Intro, Getting to know the speaker (Alyson Stanfield)

01:08 Rapid 5

04:32 Alyson's journey into Art Biz Coach

08:40 The Art Career Success System (ACSS), How Alyson's online courses started?

11:56 Who is this for and what problem does it solve?

13:06 The structure of ACSS and its four programs

15:33 Challenges that came in making ACSS

19:28 The activities included in each program

22:13 Is there anything you would have done differently?

26:33 Working through some of the mental blocks of clients towards success?

30:53 What's next for Alyson - updates and events, end notes

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