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Hey, hey! I am excited to have Matt Ragland on the show today. Matt is the creator of the Sketchnote Starter Course. He’s also a member of ConvertKit’s team. In this interview, Matt and I talk about his work, how he created his sketchnote course, and what it’s like being part of ConvertKit. I know you’ll love this episode!

A quick note:

- Matt references the course platform Coach, which is now Podia

- Listen to the end to get access to the video walkthrough of Matt’s course!

I want students to feel comfortable putting their ideas down on paper
— Matt Ragland

Sketchnote Starter Course

Matt and I talk about his launch of ‘Sketchnote Starter Course’ which helps people who think they can’t draw at all realize their potential. The course starts with simple lessons on basic concepts about shapes, then explores deeper topics like how to put your creation into production, social media, and visual libraries, etc.

When asked “What is the goal of your course?”, Matt simply said, “I want the students to feel comfortable putting their ideas on paper.” He believes that his students are on a journey in doing sketchnotes. It’s about what makes the most sense to students, putting their creations down without shame or hindrance, remembering more ideas and, as a result, solving more problems.

Listen to Learn

00:19 Getting to know Matt

02:23 Rapid 5 Questions

05:13 How did Matt get into teaching Sketchnotes?

08:00 Balancing work, sketchnotes and family

12:14 Overview about the Sketchnote Starter Course

16:34 What were some things that happened that you didn't plan on?

22:00 Where did the idea for the course come from?

28:20 What is the goal for your learners after completing the course?

29:58 A peek inside the Sketchnote Starter Course

35:36 What are the things that you would do differently or adjust and tweak?

39:09 Coming up: Exciting things to look forward to from Matt, plus final announcements

Helpful Links

Matt’s YouTube Channel

Matt’s Sketchnotes course

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Matt for sharing his story with us! 

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