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Hey there! Today I am excited to have Dominique Broadway on the show. Dominique is an award winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert and the Founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour. In this episode, we discuss her course, Finances Demystified Bootcamp. I absolutely love this episode and cannot wait for you to hear it!

Quitting was not a financial worry, I was just over it. I needed a change.
— Dominique

Before quitting her job and jumping into entrepreneurship, Dominique was into banking and finance. After quitting her job, she was able to start fresh, focus on personal finance and educate people about their finances.

The Finances Demystified Bootcamp

Dominique’s online course is a 5-week program which helps entrepreneurs learn more about personal finance. It’s ideal for those looking for an affordable self study program. Topics covered in the course include: budgeting, saving, investing, shifting one’s money mindset, stocks, bonds, and more.

Episode Quotes

"Being an entrepreneur is not cute, it's not sexy. It is a lot of hard work."

"Make sure you have a self realization moment. Are you willing to lose everything to get something bigger?"

"If there is something that you want to do, do it. Don't wait because there's never going to be a perfect time."

“Money isn’t everything but at the end of the day it’s something that we all need.”

Listen to Learn

00:38 Getting to know Dominique Broadway

01:07 Rapid 5 Questions

04:08 Dominique's "Money Therapist" journey

10:13 Money tips for people who want to jump into entrepreneurship

14:12 Overview about the Finances Demystified Bootcamp course

16:55 What was your motivation in creating the course?

17:32 What are the challenges that you faced creating the course?

19:48 Going deeper into the activities included in the course

25:51 Tips about creating courses and managing money

26:55 Coming up: Exciting things to look forward to from Dominique, links, and final announcements

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Dominique for sharing her story with us! 

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