Welcome to another episode of The Zen Courses Show! My guest for this episode is Mackenzie Child, designer and creator of Design for Developers. In this interview we talk about his course-building process, how he uses YouTube for marketing and why he uses Coach to deliver his online course.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • Who Mackenzie is and why he started teaching design online

  • The big mistake that delayed his course launch (and how he recovered from it)

  • Why he does things before he's any good at them

  • Why Mackenzie uses Coach for his online course; plus, what he likes & where there's room for improvement

  • How to streamline your video production

  • How to use YouTube to build your brand

  • What equipment he recommends for quality videos

Sites Mentioned:

Video Equipment Mackenzie Uses:

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Huge thanks to Mackenzie for sharing his story on the The Zen Courses Show! 

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