My guest today is Jody Padar from NewVision CPA Group. She’s here to talk about pricing, because it’s a hot button topic for a lot of people.

If you sell online courses, you have a business. In this episode, we discuss how important pricing is for your business, how to price based on your costs, and how to use value-based pricing to take it to the next level.

We promise not to get too geeky. Enjoy!

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • How pricing can help you have a more profitable AND less-stressful business.
  • The key numbers every business owner should know about their business…and how to calculate them
  • Four steps to figuring out your pricing, based on cost
  • What the heck a gross margin is! (Hint: it’s tied to your profits.)
  • Two ways to build profit into your course pricing.
  • How to figure out how many sales you need to make to recoup your costs
  • Why trading time for money is limiting you. (And what to do instead.)
  • What value-based pricing is and how to figure it out.

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