My guest today is Brennan Dunn from Brennan teaches freelancers how to get more clients, grow their business and develop systems.

He recently launched his signature course, Double Your Freelancing Clients. Today, we’ll dive into his story and why he created his online courses. Enjoy!

In this episode You'll Learn:

  • His scariest moment of entrepreneurship

  • Star Wars vs Star Trek: where Brennan stands

  • How listening to people’s questions influenced every product he’s ever made

  • Why courses are more transformative than ebooks

  • Why he converted his first digital product into a course (and what he added to make it actionable)

  • His struggle with doubt and how he overcame it

  • The worst thing you can do when you create your online course

  • Strategies for validating whether your audience needs your course

Sites & Tools Mentioned

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Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Brennan for sharing his story with us! 

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